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Teeth clean - breath bad!
My 15 year-old dog had her teeth professionally cleaned about 6 weeks ago. They look good, white with no tarter and the gums look pink and healthy. But, she still has very bad breath. Her breath is worse than it used to be a year or two ago, persistently bad. Any suggestions for getting her breath more sweet smelling? adVP88
Have you spoken with your vet about her bad breath? Have you explained that it’s getting worse? I assume most bad breath is caused by tooth and/or gum problems, but there may be other physical causes that your vet could check out. I’m always concerned about any “wierdness” in geriatric animals. Things can go wrong very quickly with old animals. They can seem perfectly fine one day and develop a serious condition the next.

It’s worth a phone call to your vet, anyway, just for your peace of mind … and hopefully even a solution.

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