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My Sick Kitten
I have a small 2lb Orange Tabby which we recently adopted and named Sammy. I’ve had Sammy now since the first of September. We picked him up from an older man with a sign in his yard for free kittens. My family was moving September 15th and I thougt it would be great to get a kitten for my little girl to make the move a bit easier…and not to mention I have this thing for orange cats. I just love them! around September 22nd I noticed the fur around his nose looked strange…almost dirty but attempting to wash him just never helped. Then the 25th I noticed he was loosing hair on the back of his left ear. So Monday the 26th I took him to the vet and poor Sammy has ringworm. I should have taken him to a vet the day I got him but I didn’t and my reasoning was I didn’t want to choose a vet until after we moved into our new home since we moved 2 hours away. Now I have this horrible feeling of guilt for not taking care of this so much sooner. It makes me wonder if that man’s other kittens has ringworm. The vet has given me a medicated bath to bathe Sammy in and then I hold Sammy in a towel on my lap to help dry his fur so he wont lick himself and intake that medicated wash. I’m also giving him his oral medication and rubbing Lanisal on his ears but the part that is so difficult for me is I’m supposed to separate Sammy from the household now so the ringworm isn’t passed onto anyone. The vet said to isolate him somewhere like a kennel but Sammy just meowed and meowed untill his little voice was hoarse. So I moved him into his very own bathroom but to him it’s still like an extra large kennel and he meows all the time and it makes me feel horrible. What else can I do? Am I being to paranoid? I’m taking my other cat and My dog Duke into the vet tomorrow just to make sure they don’t have it but I’ve had them on heart and worm medication from their very beginning to avoid this so it’s unlikely to me that they’ll have it. Would bathing Sammy everyother day as opposed to every 3-4 days hurt him or help him to be rid of this? Can anyone help me so Sammy can be happy again? suarezfe


First, ringworm is not a worm at all. It’s a fungus, so the worming medications you are using on your other animals won’t provide any sort of preventive protection against ringworm. The fungal spores can be shed by the infected animal onto every surface with which he comes into contact. From there, the spores can be transferred to you or your animals who rub up against the infected surfaces. Ringworm fungi can remain viable in the environment for more than a year. Ask your vet what sort of antifungal cleaning solution you can use in your house to disinfect surfaces.

One of the things I do anytime I add a new cat to the family is put the newcomer in a bedroom or other room. I then fill the doorway with baby gates from top to bottom so the new cat can watch all the comings and goings outside the room and interact with the other animals without actually having physical contact. It works well for me, because I have a bedroom with two doorways so I can fill one with gates and use the other for entering and exiting the room as necessary. If you could work something like that out, it might help prevent your kitten from feeling so abandoned and lonely while he’s in quarantine. Also, make sure Sammy has plenty of toys to play with in his room, and perhaps a TV to keep him company and provide background noise.

Ask your vet before bathing Sammy more frequently than recommended. Cats are far more susceptible to medications than dogs, and kittens are especially so. You certainly don’t want to risk poisoning Sammy by overmedicating him.

I wish Sammy a speedy recovery!

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