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sick dog ?
Dog peed while asleep is he sick?
donna hamilton dyer
He might be ill. How old is he? Old dogs often start to lose control of their bladders and bowels and can have accidents while asleep or awake.

My bisshon keeps itching his muzzle. The vet cant find anything but thinks it might be an allergy to food. I cant figure it out and the trips to the vet are tiresome. Any suggestions?

thanks delgado200
An itchy nose might indicate something stuck up the nose or in the nasal passages … perhaps even a tumor, I suppose … or it may very well be an allergic response. Food is just one possible source of allergy, but it’s not the most common in dogs. It’s more likely an environmental allergen - pollen, dust, grass, etc. I recommend you get a second opinion from a different vet. You might even consider investing in allergy testing, if another vet feels the problem is an allergic response.

Good luck,

thanks for the response. He itches the side of his face, near the ears. Not the nose. So I guess I’ll give another vet a try.
My poodle does the same thing and we were told it may be because his teeth hurt after he eats. Hope that helps. Mira Fader

My bisshon keeps itching his muzzle.

my codie did the same…. the vet did a scraping on her chin and on behind her ears and couldn’t find anything…so i changed her food…she stoped doing it…so the vet told me after 2 weeks to put her back on the food i had her on and see if it came back….and it did….what we found out she was allergic to the red die in her puppy chow….it was the puppy chow that has the several different colored pieces….so i put her back on the reg. puppy chow and it went away again….codie she is doing a lot better now…..
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