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Pets are people to?
Some treat animals better than people. And in some cases you can’t blame them.
No sometimes ya can’t blame em. I guess the reason it is is because animals can’t talk back and people can. TrainedVet
A lot depends on your lifestyle. I know the two pets I have now that I live alone are a lot more spoiled and get a lot more attention from me than the pets we had when I had kids running around the house. These two are my furry substitute kids. LadyBug
I think that animals should be given more rights in the eyes of the law. That would definately cut down on abuse cases that we see too often. lwr
My pets are my most reliable friends i have I never have to worry about what thier saying behind my back and they forgive you quickly if you make a mistake. I couldn’t imagine not have my pets. they are my incentive to get going everyday.debra_hayes
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