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New Staffordshire Bull Terrier
hey everyone
i recently brought a staffordshire bull terrier, he is around 6 weeks now i cant wait to get him home,its going to be great!

anyhow i have been told i can take him at 7 weeks if i want to, what do you guys think about this?

also, whats the best type of food for a pup that age? he is currently on beta puppy food, i have been reading up and hills and eukaneba seem to be great foods too for pups? Sweet_Ice04
I have never purchased a purebred pup from a breeder, but I have read plenty of articles written by breeders of various dog breeds. The majority seem to agree that no responsible breeder would take pups off the mother before 8 weeks, and many will keep the litters together until 3 months to make sure they are properly socialized by the mother dog and each other.

Pups who are removed too early sometimes develop lifelong psychological, social, and behavioral problems. If I were you, I’d have the breeder keep the pup several more weeks, if possible.

Good luck,

i asked the breeder whether there would be problems and they have told us they havent had problems in the past with them.

i have too read articles about this and some state that 7 weeks would be ok as long as more attention is given to them.

the pup has been around his siblings and mother for the past weeks.

the mother seems to like not having them around after 5-6 weeks, even in the past this has happened.

the breeders are allowing one of the other pups to go this weekend, which id say is way too early cos they would only be 6 weeks i im pretty sure.

thats why im waiting off till 7 weeks.

i have read on some sites and book extracts online that 7-8 weeks is best time for pups but some are saying 7 weeks is when they are getting taught about how to be a dog by the mother. Sweet_Ice04
asked the vet yesturday about that because my codie had her pups …..he said 8 to 9 weeks because the breeder is supse to have 3 sets of shot to give the pups which is at 2 weeks 4 weeks and 6 weeks….he said it is good see how the pups will react to the shots plus being that young and when you take them home and the potty training..takin them out side to surroundings that the dog is not used to they can contract corona virse or parvo….what he explain to me…because i asked him what is the difference if i start training them or the new owner he said here the mother goes out so the pups are used to the surroundings here….that is what my vet said…your bet bet is like the others said ask the breeder and consult the vet that will be taking care of your puppy….one thing i will say when you do get your puppy be sure to get his or her shots on time….because the corona and parvo virse are nothin to mess with… other thing i found out is puppys on the corona virse pups are in danger of getting it between the ages of 5 to 16th weeks of age…even though there has been cases past the age of 16 week it is highly unlikely for them to contract it….. dora
im not to familiar with these viruses/health problems u mentioned, what effect do they have on pups?
also, the 8 week shot hasnt be taken yet, i will sort this out if i take him home early,he will have had the other shots whilst he has been with the owners at the moment Sweet_Ice04
ive just read up on them health problems thanks! Sweet_Ice04
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