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Looking to adopt/rescue a non-shedding dog
We are a young retired couple with grown children in college and are looking to adopt/rescue a non-shedding dog, since allergies are an issue. We would prefer a dog that was NOT all white, since we have a cottage and spend a lot of time there. It also must like kids, because I am sure grandchildren are in the future!
You should speak to your allergist about this. It is my understanding that most animal allergies aren’t triggered by hair as much as by dander.

I know that many years ago when my sister and her VERY allergic husband were looking for a dog, they ended up considering schnauzers and poodles because of their hypoallergenic, non-shedding tendencies. Both breeds come in a variety of sizes from miniature to large in various colors.

If you adopt from a breed rescue, the dogs will have been evaluated in a foster home environment and probably provided with any necessary training. That’s a wonderful way to find out about a dog’s temperament, to learn about the dog’s behavior with children, etc.

Best of luck,

Thanks for your reply! I have been researching and tibetan terriers, havanese are also options.
Look for malteses, or yorkies, they dont shed.
go to they have many to choose from or your locol humane society I just got one from ours that is 8m old my grandaughter totes him all over the house he adores her. i found mine at they work out delivery arrangements in many cases and will also put your name on a waiting list if they don’t have just what your looking for.
Thanks! I live in Ontario, Canada though! Thanks for your interest….
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