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My kitty’s wound
Hi…I’m kind of freaking out about my kitty and just need some advice. About a week and a half ago, I noticed a clump of hair on his head, right in between his ears seemed to be falling off, but just assumed that my other kitty got a little too agressive when they were playing and tore some hair off of his head. But, as of about 5 days ago, all the hair in that area fell out and revealed two large open wounds (they’re both about a couple millimeters in perimeter). I guess from that time the area got very puffy; I was at college and I’m just going on what my mom told me. I got home Friday, and she told me that goo started to come from the wounds that day, so I began draining the wounds, and have been doing so a few times a day since then. I’m getting all the puss out (sorry this is so gross), but then it gets puffy again and I have to do it again. the liquid is getting thinner though and is mainly just clearish liquid and blood now. After I drain it, I clean it with peroxide, and then put neosporin on it. I am really worried, because the wounds do not seem to be healing, and they just keep on filling up with liquid. I know it is infected but was hoping I could take care of it myself, since I don’t have very much money to take him to the vet. What should I do?? I am starting to think I have to take him to the vet, and will gladly do so, because I am just so worried about him, but I wonder, does anyone here know any way i can take care of this wound better..?? Is it normal for a wound to take so long to heal, or does he need to go to the vet Thanks for any advice..I’m just freaking out here over my poor kitty.Lexy
hon your best bet is to take him to the vet…the vet really doesn’t cost that much……the vet will give him anibiotic and it will go away in a few days…infection can be serious especial near the brain so if you love your cat take it to the vet….at the most it should only cost about15 dollors and the cost of meds… just think if you had a head wound you would go to the doctor….plz don’t take me as being rude…just concerned for you and your pet!!! dora
I agree. He needs to go to the vet. You don’t want to risk having the infection spread systemically through his body.

Since money is a concern, you might want to call the vet’s office first, describe the wound, and ask for a ballpark figure as to how much the exam and treatment will cost.

I wish your cat a speedy recovery,

Ok, I will definitely take him to the vet. My mom has been acting like the vet will cost hundreds of dollars, so that’s the only reason why I have been trying to take care of him myself. I love him so much, so I will take him in now…thanks for the advice. Lexy
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