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Need help with adult lab
My seven year old male lab, whom I adopted five months ago from the shleter, has been absolutley the most wonderful dog except for two major problems.
The first problem is that he can not be let off his lead or he bolts. He will run into traffic without looking twice and I have tried taking him out into the country for some practice and he just runs huge 200ft circles around me, but will never “come”. I beleive he was a dog who was kept tied up for most of his life.
The second problem I have is that he has been getting into food, especially sweets while I have been gone at a new job, which is for about 8 hrs a day. He will climb on things to get food, eat entire wrappers, and cower when I come home as if he knows exactly what he did.

These two problems are really starting to discourage me because I have had such wonderful experiences correcting the minor probelms he came from the shelter
with, but can not seem to figure out how to deal with the two major ones. Any adivice would be absolutley wonderful! Diana
My lab is a puppy and is just as bad about eating everything she can. And if we scold her even later about it she seems to know what she did. We trained our puppy with puppy treats for small things and we are still working on the coming to us. I have read that do not under any circumstances punish them when they finally do come to you or they will never come when called. While your dog is on the leash or in the house try teaching a simple trick like sitting. Be sure to reward everytime for a while. I want to be able to put a fence up but they are so expensive! that might help you though. even a small one if your dog is a house dog. my lab is a house dog. cicy33
The food stealing problem is easily solved. Choose any or all of the below options:

1) Crate train your dog so he can be safely kept out of trouble while you’re out of the house.

2) Lock your dog in one room of your home or use baby gates to restrict access to any rooms in which he may find food while you’re out of the house.

3) Keep all food items well out of his reach and in tightly sealed containers or dog-proof cabinets at all times.

He can’t get into food to which he has no access.

for getting your dog trained to return when called try attaching a long rope to him the longer the better it helps if you can put a clip on one end also let him run to the end of the rope and then call him keep calling him as you pull the rope in bringing him towards you when he is up to you reward with small treat and try again when he comes without being pulled in reward with a favorite or bigger treat this will take time but it has worked with some of the dogs we have at the shelter i volunteer at.I know it has also worked for my aunt and a sister. good luck and remember to be patient a lot of dogs at the shelters were picked up running cause someone dumped them and other people shoo them away when they went near and sometimes even shoot at them. debra_hayes
Labs are very inquizative….. and he has probably been tied up or kept in a very confined are but with work you can correct these problems as easy as you have the others. When walking him and he darts quickly get him back and say very sternly NO then take him straight home and into a krate… after some time he will start to learn if he runs he doesnt get to go at all. Doxie
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