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Need help with a adopted dog
Need help with a adopted dog. shes a female daushound who is agressive towards men and other dogs any tips to gain her trust again? Recived from a neighboors friend and the vet says she looks like someone has burned her tail with cigrettes Doxie
I’ll offer you the same advice I offered the person with the aggressive puppy - enroll her in obedience classes. Classes offer many benefits:

1) Your dog will have the opportunity to interact with other dogs and people in a controlled environment under the knowledgeable eye of a trainer.

2) Your dog will gain confidence and will bond with you as she learns what is expected of her in the classes.

3) You will learn how to handle her properly both when she behaves well and when she misbehaves.

4) You will have a trainer available during the classes to answer your questions and help you and your dog overcome rough spots.

I believe you will find that the confidence your new dog acquires during the classes will work wonders in alleviating her fears and building a trusting relationship with you. Just be sure to discuss your dog’s background with the trainer before classes begin so (s)he will understand the basis for your dog’s behavior.

Good luck,

If recommending measures that have the best chance of correcting behavioral and social problems in a dog is advertising, then consider me an advertisement. I don’t see how relinquishing the dog to a rescue organization would do the dog any good. All that would accomplish would be to cause even more stress and upheaval and insecurity in her life, and it would most likely exacerbate her behavioral problems. It is unlikely a new home could be found where she would never encounter a man or another dog. The only reasonable option is to address her problems through positive training to build her trust and self confidence.

taking in an abused animal of an sort is always a challenge though often in the long run they come around if she seems to cling more to one person then anyone else let her be with that person bring her out around company but ask the company not to grab at her or scare her let her just sit and observe that they are not going to hurt her while she is feeling secure by whoom ever she has chosen good luck and hope you have a happy outcome .debra_hayes
thank you all for your input…she seems to be doing fine… i would never ever want to give her away i feel she came to me. Doxie

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