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Help so dog won’t go to shelter!
I’m looking for help so I can train a 9 month old cockapoo male. He was purchased by my boyfriend in august in an attempt to make me commit, I fell in love with the dog while I was here in the summer, and training had started to go well, but when I moved in september, The dog became neglected. Upon my return a few weeks ago, I found that my he had been underfed, unproperly cared for, and was going EVERYwhere in the house. I broke up with his owner and took the dog until I could find a better home for him but unfortuneately I don’t have a place where i can keep a dog right now. It would break my heart to have to take him to a shelter. My parents love him and would love to keep him BUT he goes in their carpet and unless he were trained he can’t stay. I’ve tried taking him out and Lots of praise, I’ve tried confining him in one room and letting him go outside and then opening the rest of the house to him under supervision, but he’ll go right in front of me. He has No clue that what he’s doing is wrong. I desperately need help if there is any out there that somone can offer! cher

The first thing you need to do is take the dog to a vet for a thorough exam. Urinary tract infections and crystals can cause frequent, uncontrollable urination, but they can be easily cured/managed with antibiotics and/or dietary changes.

If the dog is deemed healthy by a vet, the next step is to crate train the dog. You can Google dog crate training and find many articles that explain the crate training process. Done correctly, crate training should help immensely with the housebreaking issues.

Good luck!

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