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Fighting Female Dogs
I have two female dogs, got them both at the same time and had them for two years. one is german sherphard and other is lab. until recently they both got along and now they have started fighting to the point of drawing blood. we got them spayed last week and kept them apart trying to introduce them back together slowly. today, they got together by accident in the house, fought, and the lab’s incision opened wide up. they are kept outside together and brought in the house together, we are at wits end of what to do. getting rid of either of them is not an option, any suggestions??
They are fighting for the alpha female spot so there are two problems here, one is hormonal (it takes an entire year for hormones to entirely leave their system after they are spayed, so be patient) and the other is hierarchical.
First, you need to keep them separate until their incisions are completely healed (that should take four to six weeks after surgery). Then you need to establish yourself as the alfa of the pack (if you are a woman, it will be easier), which is a bit harder to do with backyard dogs but it can be done (make sure you never feed one before the other). Re-introduce them slowly and always under strict supervision until you know for sure they won’t fight again.
Good luck!
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