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Decent Dog Walk Schedule?
Hello - my kids have been taking horrible care of our dog and honestly I can’t get them to understand the importance of a schedule and proper care. I need to either find him a new home or put him on a decent schedule. But I’m out of the house most of the day. So what I want to know is if I bring him for a good walk at 5:30 am and another good walk at 7pm with 2 or 3 brief pee breaks inbetween if that would be a good schedule? Or is it not enough? When the kids walk him its very short and only for a pee. They don’t seem to care. missypee
What breed is your dog, and how old is he? How is his behavior in the house? Is he quiet and happy, or is he rowdy and destructive? Does he ever have accidents in the house? Is he loose in the house or is he kept crated?

What breed is your dog, and how old is he?
He is a 2 year old Rottie, Dachsund, German Shepard Mix.
How is his behavior in the house?
He is a chewer and will be destructive unless he is confined to one area - which we do.

Is he quiet and happy, or is he rowdy and destructive?
He’s a barker! He will be quiet if the house is quiet but if he hears noises he gets excited. He can be rowdy if provoked but he’s generally quiet when left alone.

Does he ever have accidents in the house?
If no one walks him he will go in the house. Which usually happens. He is a good dog, I think with a decent schedule that could be fixed?

Is he loose in the house or is he kept crated?
When no one is home is he confined to one room. But no not crated. missypee
A couple more questions …

Is the dog neutered, and how old are your kids? Tempest
He is fixed and the kids are 15 and 17. They don’t care about him…sucks since he is “their” dog. missy
Ok, first the caveat … I am not a dog trainer. I have lived with dogs for nearly 50 yrs, have raised several puppies, and have dealt with plenty of bad behavior, both on the parts of dogs and teenagers.

Rotties and GSDs are both very active, highly intelligent, strongly goal driven dogs who need to be kept both physically and mentally stimulated to keep them out of trouble. Your dog has most likely inherited those characteristics. He’s also still a young dog. His destructive chewing, barking, and soiling are all indicative of a dog who is not getting the exercise and mental stimulation he needs.

I assume your teenagers are also very active, at least reasonably intelligent, and easily bored. They, too, require both physical and mental stimulation to keep them out of trouble, but there’s nothing particularly stimulating about walking a dog they don’t even care about around the block. Putting your kids and dog on a “brief pee break” walking schedule should help eliminate dog pee accidents in the house, but it won’t address the bigger problems.

Here’s my best suggestion. Research all the different dog activities - obedience trials, agility, frisbee, flyball, tracking, therapy, etc. - and tell your kids you want them to train “their” dog to do one or more of those activities. Sign them up for classes and make sure they go. That will not only give both your dog and your kids the structured, productive activity they need; it will also help your kids bond with and appreciate their dog. It’s a win/win situation. Best case scenario, your kids will enjoy the activity so much that they will pursue it to a point of proficiency with the dog and start competing and/or utilizing their new skills in socially productive ways.

Good luck!

Thank you for the info! I appreciate it. I’ll have to look into those activities. Its very difficult to get the kids involved with anything that doesn’t involve the television! Bad I know.

He is a good dog and he seems to be more dachsund in many ways. He is a smart dog that lacks training! He can be VERY mellow! Do you think that schedule would work even though there is such a huge time span with little activity? missypee
Like I said, destructive chewing, barking, and house soiling are all signs that whatever schedule he’s on now isn’t keeping him happy. If you can’t get your kids off the couch, use their allowance to pay a dog walker to come in daily and do what your kids *should* be doing in terms of caring properly for their dog. Have the paid dog walker take the dog out to a park and play actively with him for 30 mins or so once or twice a day while you’re not home.

If you can manage to get your kids off the couch, walking the dog twice between the hours when you are gone should be sufficient. If the dog is still exhibiting inappropriate behaviors, he will require more exercise and/or training.

Good luck,

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