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Dog Potty Training
I have a Boston Terrier named Buster. He’s 4 months old going on 5 and we’re having a very hard time potty training him. In the beginning it seemed like he was getting the idea and was making less mistakes in the house, waiting to go outside. But the last month or so he just stopped and started going in the house again. Even after we had taken him out to go after about 15 mins of sitting around and nothing happening we finaly bring him back inside where with in a min or few he’s found some spot and went in the house. We scold him after he’s done this followed by saying ‘potty outside’ then take him outside…then put him in his kennel. I think that is probably confusing him because after he goes in the house he runs to the door or to his kennel looking upset like he knows he did wrong. We praise him everytime he does use the bathroom outside. IM just looking for some tips other people seemed to find to work.
And also when we say the comment ‘go potty’ he knows what it is because he then gets all hyper and runs to the back door. We basicaly are looking for some way to teach him to let us know when he needs to go out. Thats seems to be the just of his potty problems I think. He doesnt bark or run to the back door when he needs to he just pops a squat and goes. Krista J
Puppies generally need to go potty immediately after waking up from a nap, drinking, eating, or getting very excited. Those are the times when you must take him outside *right away*. When you take him out, don’t just stand around and wait for him to go potty. Take him for a vigorous walk around the yard or around the block, or have him chase a ball. The exercise will stimulate his bladder and bowels and make him go more quickly. If he still hasn’t done his business after 10-15 mins. take him back inside and put him immediately into his crate. Wait about 10 mins, and take him back outside again. Continue this routine until he goes potty outside, then PRAISE, PRAISE, PRAISE!! Say, “GOOD POTTY!!! GOOD BOY!!!” Then quietly bring him back into the house and let him hang out with the family. It may also be very helpful to keep him constantly leashed to you when he is not in the crate until he’s reliably housetrained.

Don’t make a big deal out of it when he potties in the house. Just quietly remove him from the accident and clean it up. It’s up to you to make sure he *only* potties outside using the technique above. He can’t learn anything by being reprimanded with, “Potty outside” and being put out *after* he’s already pottied and doesn’t need to anymore. He can’t make that sort of intellectual connection.

Remember that puppies, as a general rule, need to go outside no less frequently than their age in months. For example, a 4 mo old puppy should be taken outside to potty *at least* every 4 hrs.

Buy a good enzymatic cleaner designed to eliminate pet stains and use it liberally on his accidents. It’s important to use a product that will eliminate all pet odors so the puppy won’t keep eliminating in the same spot.

Have patience. This too shall pass.


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