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Cats a good companion for dogs?
Can cats make a good companion for a dog? Id like to get a dog but im a little aprehensive cause ill be at work during the day and i realize dogs need lots of attention. I’d like to get a cat to give it company while im gone. I don’t want to get 2 dogs cause it would be to much work. Id raise them both together from a kitten and puppy do you think they can grow up together as compadres? thanks for the input.

Cats and dogs can be wonderful companions to each other, but it depends entirely on each animal’s personality. If you want a dog who can fit happily into your working lifestyle, I recommend you adopt an adult dog who was raised in a working household and is used to (and comfortable with) being left alone all day. If you also want a cat, adopt an adult cat who has lived peacefully with dogs, and make sure the dog has lived peacfully with cats.

Puppies and kittens are psychological wildcards. Just because they’re raised together doesn’t mean they’ll be friends. They may get along beautifully when they are young, then mature into animals who can’t stand the sight of each other. Or they may adore each other when they mature. There’s just no way to predict with certainty.

The one thing about which you can be absolutely certain is that kittens, and especially puppies, require a HUGE amount of work and time commitment on the part of the person raising them. You would either have to be able to leave work every few hours to let the puppy out or hire someone to come take care of that duty for you several times a day, EVERY day. You should be prepared to spend the money and make the time to enroll with your puppy in puppy obedience classes. And be prepared for the demolition team living in your home. A kitten may shred and/or knock down everything in his/her path or on any table, shelf, or counter top. Puppies chew and chew and chew … and they don’t come housebroken.

Just a few things for you to consider.

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